The VOID is an AIDS counter-monument hosting public programs on the High Line Plinth, designed by artist Carlos Motta, architect Koray Duman, and writer/organizer Theodore Kerr. Two folded triangle plates are arranged around the empty plinth, to define a community space. The plates appear two-dimensional from 10th Avenue, referencing the work of Agnes Martin's Untitled #1 and the Pink triangle of LGBTQ liberation. Above the highline, the bent shapes hug the plinth which stays as a 'void' to be activated by programs. The installation is grounded in the image of Milton Glaser's United Nations-commissioned logo for the early days of the AIDS crisis. The work features 18 months of public programming, monthly performances, rallies, presentations, and community gatherings regarding HIV and related issues such as anti-black bias in healthcare and colonialism.


Finalized 2021


Social Sclupture


5,000 sf


New York, NY

agnes martin 1

Agnes Martin, Untitled #1, 2003, Acrylic and graphite on canvas, Private collection.

poster 1b

SILENCE = DEATH Project (Avram Finkelstein, Brian Howard, Oliver Johnston, Charles Kreloff, Chris Li), SILENCE=DEATH, 1987, Offset lithograph, Brooklyn Museum, New York.

poster 3

Milton Glaser, AIDS: A Worldwide Effort Will Stop It, 1987, Screenprint, Collection SFMOMA, California.

rendering 1
image 03
public programs 2


Koray Duman, Carlos Motta, Theodere Kerr, Angelo Jones