Mali Contemporary Wing

The new design of the contemporary art wing should provide a social landmark, a place for civic engagement and a new kind of public space. The design proposes a public plaza at the ground level with only placing foyer, multipurpose space and cafe as sculptural glass volumes while keeping the rest of the space open. Education, library, storage and equipment programs are buried underground with the gallery spaces placed above ground as a floating box. The new plaza will extend the density at the corner of the avenues into the park and to the entrance of the existing museum while the floating box fulfills the idea of the landmark - a place making object.

To provide natural lights in education and library spaces, a series of sunken courtyards area created within the new plaza. Once the visitors enter to the new wing, a pair of grand stairs provides access to the lower lobby as well as galleries above.


Competition Entry


Contemporary Art Museum


6,000 square meters


Lima, Peru

Concept Diagram

Sub-level Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan




Koray Duman, Eduardo Llinas, Tessira Crawford, Danmo Fu, Mitali Bansal