Flat Iron Roc Chair

Design has the power to create a sense of belonging, joy and an ownership of public space. A design that provides a sense of familiarity between strangers in public while being playful is the core of this proposal. Flatiron Roc Chair is a large scale, public rocking chair during the day. As passersby enter and sit down, the piece rocks up and down animating the holiday spirit.

At night, in a fixed upright position, the piece transforms into a stage where festive choirs will perform.

The design aims for the neighborhood to visit the Roc Chair regularly, to enjoy the movement during day time to listen to a program of chorus at night and for the piece to create a community around it through-out the holiday season.


Invited Competition 2016


Public Furniture/Installation


360 sf


New York, NY



Koray Duman, Eduardo Llinas, Tessira Crawford, Danmo Fu