Eco-loop is a super-structure that blurs the boundaries between building/ landscape, figure/ ground, and production/ consumption to create an ecosystem that is greater than sum of its parts. The ground lifts up to create a continuous occupiable roofscape that runs through the site with green roof structures, edible gardens, a walkway and bike path. The slope provides direct access to each floor from outside. A combination of single student units and senior units are located in each floor. The ground floor is dedicated for a Co-op for local produce and the crops of edible-park above, a restaurant also served by the greenhouses on the south site, and commercial and social areas on the north site. The entire proposal creates a self-sustaining eco-system with positive financial cultural and ecological impacts.


Competition Entry, 2015


Student and Elderly Housing


13,000 square meters


Jyvaskyla, Finland

Site Plan


Koray Duman, Matei Denes, Alejandra Navarette, Kelly Liu, Joann Feng, Nick Oelrich