Council of Fashion Designers of America

The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) offices are located in the only building in Manhattan designed by Louis Sullivan. The Bayard-Condict Building is located on Bleecker Street (1897-99). The new offices occupy the entire 11th floor, an open space of 8,000 sq feet.The design intention of Buro is to foster one single fluid space, while simultaneously creating a variety of private working spaces. Four 'pods' located in the open space organize the program and circulation. Every unit has three different spaces: a workstation area in the center and a meeting and project areas in the perimeter. The executive offices are located in the south perimeter. The conference room is placed on the north perimeter. A transparent and semi transparent glass wall separates the executive offices from the main open space. The glass wall provides natural light towards the center of the space, while providing privacy for offices. Photos by Peter Murdoch


Completed in 2012


Office Space


8,000 sf


New York, NY


Koray Duman, Alejandra Navarette