Artists Studio

A 4-story, 11,000 sf. manufacturing building with 2,100 sf. exterior space was converted into an artist studio and gallery for a renowned artist, Richard Prince. To provide a clean space for creating and for hanging art, all mechanical, electrical and plumbing are wrapped around the existing core, leaving the rest of the floor plan as an open space. The core is treated as a box inserted into the space. The box is clad with white MDF panels on hangers, which can be replaced easily when needed. Attention to detailing, materials and custom lighting removes all visual clutter and provides well-proportioned and well-lit spaces ideal for making and exhibiting art. To provide a unified minimal space, Buro created a series of bespoke stainless steel details that was carried through all floors of the project.

The design converts the existing adjacent lot into an exterior space for sculptures with cast-in place concrete walls and slab. Photos by Peter Murdoch


Completed in 2014


Artist Studio Gallery and Sculpture Garden


11,000 sf


Harlem, NY



Koray Duman, Alejandra Navarette, Stefana Simic