Ante Pavilion - Paisley

Paisley is an urban eco-furniture. Like any eco-system, it is intended to be complex, self-sufficient, and flexible. It initiates a space for dialogue to foster culturally and politically engaged citizens while reminding us/urban dwellers the importance of ecological impact.

This urban installation is shaped to question mono-functional structures and public space while providing an alternative way of living in open spaces with multiple configurations. Its structure is designed to be installed with a minimum of three units to create structural support while framing gathering space.

The unit is composed of three separate elements with dual functions; Garden-Canopy (filtration), Drain-Structure and Table-Compost (collection) that support each other systematically and programmatically.


Compeition Entry, 2017


Temporary Structure




London, United Kingdom


Koray Duman, Tessira Crawford, Danmo Fu