Design within Reach Flagship Store

Situated on the corner of 57th Street and 3rd Avenue, the new Design Within Reach studio occupies a small footprint at the ground level and the entire basement, second, and third floors of the building. To create a powerful impact, the design places a floating red box above the entrance, providing a 24' ceiling height at the ground floor. The floating box creates a strong brand identity on the street level as well as accommodates a duplex apartment. The idea behind the duplex apartment facing the 2nd and 3rd floor is to explore the voyeuristic experience one has living in New York City. In a dense city like New York, we always end up looking into others' apartments. Koray Duman was Partner in charge of the project at Sayigh+Duman Architects. Photo by Michael Biondo


Completed in 2014




20,000 sf


New York, NY


Koray Duman, Matthew Thomson, Matei Denes, Ruomei Zhang